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Gay professionals, professional gays and other categories


At the time Mymosa Moon was living in London, (how beautiful was her flat facing Covent Garden, S. Paul Cathedral and  the far away new skyline of the docklands, but no use crying over the past).. she met a successful english businessman,  swimming in the pool across the road, let us call him Oscar. Oscar was very rich and quite conservative, he did not make a mystery among his friends and clients of being gay,but  being a successful   professional, had a strange way of referring to gay activists, he called them professional gays, with a hint of contempt, because they made a living on just being gay, or at least representing the underprivileged category.
  For the category rich people most liked to belong  is that of rich people, with all the privileges that goes along, suffering as minor nuisances the negligible fact of belonging to other less chic categories.  
What can I say? One is free to decide to which category he -she belongs to at their own risk. Rich jewish people in Italy of the twenties, that wanted to defend their property from bolshevism and financed and encouraged the rise to power of Mussolini ended up in the gas chamber nevertheless.
besides i could  understand the aversion of Oscar to the left wing rhetoric, victimism that is part of gay politics l but i do not see anything wrong in being a professional gay, somebody has to work full time for the common good.
I think Oscar’s   attitude is the same of all businessmen  to all kind of professional politicians, Silvio Berlusconi for instance always prided himself of not being a professional politician, (having accumulated his fortune mainly having  them to pass laws in his favour),  he always referred to opponent politicians ,  as people who never worked in their life.
I do not know whether it is the same in England because as the real gentlemen do not work, politics is considered a gentlemanly occupation. (with all the evils that follows . see Cameron disastrous policy)
Anyway i was remembering Oscar, following the events  organized by the local gay Circle for a  week against Homophobia in May , in my little town in  northern Italy.
The major attraction of the week against homophobia had been  Franco Grillini, the honorary president of Arci Gay italy, member of parliament for many years, and currently member of regional assembly of Emilia.  A very successful professional  gay, indeed, representing the underprivileged category can be very rewarding.
Slightly fatter and much happier than last time I saw him, Franco Grillini appeared in the the conference room blessing the audience with his mere presence,  serene as a  gay Popesse, benevolent and graceful like a queen.
-We won - he said  exuding magnanimous satisfaction. -She reminded me of margaret thatcher after the fall of the Berlin wall, the call for the end of History of Francis Fukuyama
                                                            Franco Grillini 
-we won- I have been invited  in the last month  to a public function  in my home town of Bologna, blue carpet, the reception carabinieri happens to be in blue not in red carpet, and the general of the carabinieri gave a speech that could have been written by me, how to avoid discriminations against gay people  inside the army and outside, in relations to the duties of carabineri towards the general public.We won-, we won,  respect and status. certainly we do not have yet the possibility of gay marriage as in other european nations, but at least we have got something left to fight for,  i met the other day a colleague from belgium, and he told me how lucky you are in italy to have the Pope and the vatican, real enemies , in Belgium there is nothing left we can ask , we obtained everything, how sad..We are lucky to have the Pope, although even in italy with the Pope and no recognition of gay marriages I wonder what  use of gay organisation and therefore of gay politicians r really are -
One was expecting that he was going to press the self destroy button.
I was a  little bit surprised, but on reflection I saw the logic of it, or the dialectic.   Would it make sense to have a organization of slaves once they won and they became masters? or  Can you have  a successful representative of a  discriminated category? There is ample matter for thought. probably we have  reached the stage in which we can make Oscar happy, to have only professional, who are by accident also gay, making superfluous the  professionale gays.

Having reached this satisfactory conclusion it was a bit of an anticlimax to hear the following day another  lecturer  speaking  about the hidden holocaust, that is the extermination of gay  people in the nazi concentration camps. Not as much for that but because he saw a continuous line of oppression from Adolf Hitler to the german shepherd, Pope Ratzinger and the continuous bashing and killing in contemporary Italy    of gay persons. hearing the sequence of numbers dates and facts about the uninterrupted  massacre of gay people reduced the audience in tears, somebody
cried - Is there no end to it? How long will we have to suffer’-
Mymosa Moon was a little bit confused, didn't we  win?, was it not the end of history?,  the little sad and obscure queen stood silent and composed after having caused such a stir, after all we still need some professional gays, everybody was thinking.

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