giovedì 5 aprile 2012

Mymosa Moon in Israel. on identities and differences. How to keep your faith and your willy too.

Your own MyMosa Moon was staying for a while in Israel. To tell the truth I was following  a friend of mine, Miranda, who had to undergo a sex change operation, or as it is technically called  Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). She had discovered that Israel was safer then Morocco, and cheaper than Switzerland.  We rented a flat in fashionable Dizengoff Street, in Tel Aviv, she was away most of the time in a Clinique on the outskirt of town, (tests, therapy, and  so on).  I was happy and  alone and I enjoyed the city bursting with life. In march was so mild that you could already lie on the beach and swim in the Mediterranean sea. Even during the Shabbat, when the rest of the city was shut down, you could have a cappuccino in a Segafredo bar, or a wonderful pasta in one of the many Italian restaurants. Night life was,  probably still is, one of the busiest in the world, in fact you might have already heard the saying, Jerusalem prays, Haifa works, Tel Aviv sins. Now and then buses were exploding,  but I moved around  with taxi. I did my best to ignore the problems, I just admired the soldiers going around fully armed, I submitted stoically to the rough body inspections everywhere. But in Israel reality is meant to catch up with you as much as you try to avoid it.
One night a pleasant chap after having  bought me a drink,  asked me- Are you
I was crestfallen. It was such an unexpected question. Nobody had asked it me  before, and nobody has asked it  me ever since. I hear that for instance in New York you can ask people about their religion, but in Italy  everyone  assumes that everyone else is more o less a relapsed catholic. So that night I had for the first time the feeling of being a non Jew among many Jews, and what it might mean the contrary, being a Jew among many who aren't, although as  a transsexual I had had some  experience in  being  different.
-No- I said- I am just Italian-
-Why are you here?-
-To  have a change- I answered-
-Of what'-he insisted- of religion?, are you going to convert to Judaism?- I met probably the only one with this fixed idea.
-No -I said-I am here for  a sex change, not of religion- I lied, thinking of Miranda, I never doubted in my life about keeping my willy-
-I think only stupid people  change their own religion  to convert to another,- I went on- In my humble opinion, religions are meant only  to be quitted, not to be joined, sex on the other hand I think that at least once in your life you should change it- and since I had succeeded in making him nervous, very elegantly  I left.

(to continue)

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